Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Cat Boarding Tips

You need to make a trip for pleasure or work but you have cats.  You have three options, 1) Hire a pet sitter, 2) Take your cat(s) with you, or 3) Board your cats.  You decide to board your cat(s). 

Check around for boarding centers.  Visit the place you want to board your cat.  There are many boarding options available.

I have seen some cat boarding areas that are near the front door and in wire cages.  I do not suggest you board there.  The cats need a place a place of their own and not in with the dog boarding. 

Is the space clean, quiet and ventilated?

Do not be afraid to ask questions.

What shots are needed to board?  Most require rabies and distemper, but always ask.

What kind of food to they provide?  Can you provide your own food?

What kind of bedding do they get?

If you have multiple cats, is there an opening between kennels so they can still be together if they want to.

How often do they clean the kennels/litter?

Are they occasionally checked on?

Is there 8/16/24 hour service.

What times can you drop them off and pick them up.

Are there windows for natural light?

Do they provide specialized care?  Your cat may need daily medicine.  I have a cat that needs medicine every eight hours.

Some places have different sized kennels or Condos with different options.
Some places may provide play time.  
Some have discount rates on a second or third cat.

Can you call in and check on your cat(s).

I hope these tips help you and your cat.

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