Monday, April 17, 2017

Pet-Friendly Hotels

Whether you want to go on vacation with your pet or plan for an emergency or disaster, you need to know what and where the pet-friendly hotels are.  I was making a list and was up to about 60 hotels all over the US and then I found the below link which provides not only the hotels but also the hotels by state and if you do not want go looking for them on the web, they also have a phone # 866-966-3046.

To prepare for an emergency make sure you pack an emergency kit for your pets and a good pet carrier.  The kit should contain a minimum of water, food, medications, proof of recent vaccinations, emergency help list, leashes, and pet carriers, microchip them or at a minimum put an id tag on them, first aid kit and of course creature comforts.  Don’t forget to put a “Pets Inside” sticker on your front door or window in case of emergency.

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